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Living with American Muscle: 2020 Mustang GT

The 2020 Ford Mustang GT is simply raw American performance at it's finest. For under $50K the GT with the 10-speed automatic transmission, performance package and the premium interior option may be one of the best bargains on the US market for a performance car. But,...

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MX-5 Miata: Too Refined For It’s Own Good

Since 1989 the Miata has stolen the hearts of car enthusiasts due to its light weight, small stature, modification potential and rear-wheel drive setup; amongst other things. But, has it become too refined, therefore moving farther away from its lineage? What the...

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Alfa Romeo 4C: An Experience Like Non Other

The Alfa Romeo 4C. Ever wanted to know what it feels like to drive a go-cart on public roads? Well, the Alfa Romeo 4C gives you just that experience multiplied by a lot. For a starting MSRP of $67K one would take one look at this car from the outside and inside and...

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America’s Obsession with Trucks

Why is it that 5/7 manufacturers that make trucks are American companies? It's simple, America is obsessed with trucks. According to multiple sources, the top three best selling vehicles of the last several years are all trucks, beginning with the famous F150 from...

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