Mustang GT to Replace 2011 M3: Why I made the Switch

The Mustang GT was my first dream car, so my heart is currently enlarged. Being a car enthusiast and cars costing money, one has to occasionally give up one wish list item for another, a trade. The 2011 M3 hardtop convertible was a special car to own; one of its last kinds, but despite trading it for a common car, the GT Mustang is a lot of car that brings a bigger smile to my face. Why does it bring a bigger smile to my face? I guess the biggest part of the answer is that it checks pretty...

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The V8 M3: Why Its Still the Pinnacle of Driver’s Cars

The M3 V8 was one of the greatest drivers cars of all time. When one thinks of a drivers car, only one thought should come across the mind, "a performance car that allows the driver to be more in control rather than the ECU taking the driver for a ride." Drivers cars come in all shapes and sizes, but most often come in the shape of a 2-door coupe that sends power to the rear wheels. They also commonly come with a manual transmission, as the stick shift offers a more personal connection between...

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0-60 MPH: Have We Reached the Pinnacle?

Have We Reached the Pinnacle of the 0-60 MPH performance measurement? There are many ways to measure the performance of a car in the speed department. How fast it can accelerate from 0-60 mph (or 0-100 in km’s), top speed, the way it handles whipping around a corner at a high speed, etc. Throughout the years cars have gotten faster and faster and faster, as well as more technologically advanced and more luxurious. But, there is a category in the speed department that the industry may be...

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