The Process

How The Process With Us Works

Step 1

Meet over video chat/phone/in person for introductory and discussion process.

Step 2

Once we are in agreement, we set up a second meeting to understand what the customer is looking for, and give parameters.

Step 3

Shifting Into Gear presents the customer a list of options for cars.

Step 4

  • Third meeting between Shifting Into Gear and the customer is about next steps in terms
  • does the customer need to test drive these cars in order to narrow down the list (possibly go together if nearby each other)¬†
  • talk more about it and cut down the list by just discussing¬†
  • the customer is happy that the research is done for them and can now continue the process on their own without Shifting Into Gear (or the next steps are executed with Shifting Into Gear)

Step 5

Shifting Into Gear begins to search for that specific car and negotiate a deal on your behalf.

Step 6

Once the deal is agreed upon Shifting Into Gear will connect the customer with the dealer to get paperwork signed and keys handed over.

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